Corrective Bodywork
Theraflex, Massage Therapy, Myofascial Release & Gua Sha

Julie A. Cline, LMT
Richmond, Indiana       Lewisburg, Ohio     and surrounding areas


Theraflex Reflex Therapy

Machine assisted deep tissue massage utilizing a "bionic hand"  to mobilize the deepest muscles of the spine.   For more information, please visit the Theraflex info page.
Base pricing (additional location or travel fees may apply)
       $55    25 Minute Standard Session
       $95    45 Minute Scoliosis Session

Massage Therapy & Theraflex Combo
 Base pricing (additional location or travel fees may apply)
       $85    65 Minute Session – Full massage with Theraflex included during the time spent on your back.

Massage Therapy / Corrective Bodywork

Deep relaxation massage.  Generally moderate to deep pressure for warming and relaxing the soft tissues, with your comfort and relaxation being the key goal. 
Corrective techniques are used as needed per your requests and goals for the session.   These include stretching with or without your active participation, myofascial release (gentle sustained pressure into the connective tissue to remove restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion), gua sha (gentle to moderate "scraping" with a gua sha tool to stimulate microcirculation in the soft tissue)

Base pricing (additional location or travel fees may apply)
       $40    30 Minute Session
       $70    60 Minute Session


My mobile therapy office can come to you, or you can come to one of its locally scheduled hubs.  

Locally scheduled hubs and additional fees.
Lewisburg, OH (no location fee)
Richmond, IN  (no location fee)
Oxford, OH  (add $5  location premium to listed therapy fee)
Yellow Springs, OH  (add $10  location premium to listed therapy fee)
Granville, OH  (add $10  location premium to listed therapy fee)

Your location option and additional fees:

A travel fee to cover time and fuel will be based on the destination
distance from Lewisburg, OH at a rate of $2.00 per mile, in addition to a private location charge of $30.  Considerable discounts to these fees may apply if other travel is scheduled in the same area that day, or if you have been a previous client, or other possible factors. 

The travel fee is subject to change based on fuel prices.   Clients may be required to pay a deposit at the time of scheduling.  

Requirements for bringing the mobile office to your site are:

  • Level parking with adequate space to maneuver. 
  • Parking lot or driveway.
  • No low branches, clearance requirement of 11 feet high.
  • Access to 120V 15, 20 or 30 amp electricity (a standard outlet will usually suffice.
Please call 765-993-1513 for location hubs,  to schedule, or inquire about pricing.